In compliance with the Government’s lockdown requirement, we will be open to limited numbers of visitors for a limited time each day and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  until there are changes to the government regulations. Book a visit by contacting us on 079 6909 387

As a medical facility we will still be working and keeping all patients in our care as safe as possible. We will do everything we can to minimize the risk patients are exposed to, including not accepting any patients that test positive for Covid-19. We are not an acute facility and do not have the equipment, staff or space to effectively quarantine patients.

Measures and Procedures
COVID-19 spreads through personal contact with an infected person, from droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes or through contact with surfaces that are infected by the virus.

To protect yourself and those around you (and those close to them) it is important to practice hygiene measures and safety procedures. These include:

  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • Avoiding touching your face.
  • Wearing of masks.,
  • Refraining from physical contact with staff and other patients.
  • Maintaining a physical distance (one and a half metres) from other patients and staff.

 In addition, the following safety measures are in place:

  •  Staff and patients must report whether they have been in contact with anyone known to be infected by the virus.
  • Staff and patients will have their temperature taken daily to check for fever. This is an important precautionary measure although it will not detect infected persons who are asymptomatic.
  • No visitors will be permitted into Hilldrop Health Care centre, except to assist with initial admission.