A small introduction

About Us

As a medical facility we will still be working and keeping all patients in our care as safe as possible. We will do everything we can to minimize the risk patients are exposed to, including not accepting any patients that test positive for Covid-19. We are not an acute facility and do not have the equipment, staff or space to effectively quarantine patients.

Let us introduce our services

Therapies and Services

Hilldrop Health Care Centre offers excellent medical and post surgical care for patients in the form of good food, rest and help with everyday tasks like washing and getting around. We offer a home away from home recovery environment in a quiet farm style setting. Safety and care is our priority.

We have dedicated ourselves to create a therapeutic nursing environment that is both comforting and relaxing for the patients.

We work with the physiotherapists who put our patients through their paces. We feel it is important to continue with the same physiotherapy teams that where working with them previously as they have already developed a good relationship.

Can I visit a patient during the COVID-19 lockdown?

The patients that come directly from hospital need a letter of motivation from the specialist / General practioner who is treating the patient.

Copies of all relevant pathology and radiology test reports are required prior to admission. The patient must be infection free. A full medical history, including pre existing conditions is required.

What does it cost to stay at Hilldrop Health Care Centre

We charge a daily rate for bed and meals and depending on the level of care which is required by the patient. The rates may also vary at any time of the patients stay based on the level of care required. Therapies, doctors consultations, transport, oxygen and consumables are not covered by this amount.

The rates: Please email Julie :  Julie@hilldrop.co.za

What services are offered?

We are a short term rehabilitation and recovery centre and provide 24 hour nursing care for the following:

  • Post-surgical recovery,
  • Hip and Knee replacements
  • Post stroke recovery
  • Wound Care
  • General medical rehabilitation.

Can I visit the facility before admission?

Please contact Julie on 079 6909 387 to see if this is possible.

Do I have to be discharged if my medical aid has refused extended stay, even if I am not physically ready to go home?

If your medical aid refuses to extend your stay, you can stay on as a private patient with a pre-payment for our services.

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